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Mining Projects

Moving forward to production.

Mining Projects

Frisco management has identified and acquired the Frisco which will produce gold within a year of financing, the Granite deposit which will require two years before production and the Alamo a new discovery which has yielded large nuggets from initial prospecting efforts.



Gold Dome

The Gold Dome portion of the Frisco property was drilled during 1987-1990, under the supervision of professional engineers and geologists. Geological maps, drilling records, assay certificates, survey data and metallurgical test results were provided to Frisco. Assay results from 115 drill holes were used by independent professional geologist, Barbara Carroll to calculate an in-situ  Indicated Resource of 23,843 troy ounces of gold in 662,310 tons and an Inferred Resource of 13,676 troy ounces of gold in 369,630 tons at a cut-off grade of 0.0123 oz Au/ton. More Info>>


Gold mineralization of economic interest in the Granite zone is contained in pre-Cambrian brecciated gneiss, porphyritic granite and granodiorite in the lower plate of the Black Mountain Detachment Fault. A resource calculated in 2019 using 33 drill holes from the 1987 drilling by Gerle Gold in the Granite zone outlined a drill-indicated inferred resource of 1.6 million tons averaging 0. 02 ounces of gold per ton at a cutoff grade of 0.0123 oz Au/ton. More Info>>




The Alamo is a recent discovery and does not presently have a resource. The US quarter in the picture gives an idea as to the size of the nuggets. The discovery of large nuggets in an area, without known previous production, makes the Alamo a prime exploration target. The size of the nuggets found (largest is five ounces) indicate very high possibility of significant gold being discovered. There is considerable work to do to “prove-up” the property. More Info>>

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