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Frisco Gold Corporation is focused on gold deposits in Mohave County, Arizona.

Arizona is the second largest mining State in the US (after Nevada), is very pro-business, and in the words of Arizona Governor Ducey is “moving at the speed of business”. The Black Mountains (site of both the Frisco and Granite) are the most prolific gold producing range in Arizona having a total past production in excess of 3 million ounces. Mohave County ranks as the second highest gold producing county in Arizona and Frisco believes that it is the most “mining-friendly” county anywhere.

The US is the fourth largest gold producing country in the world, the majority of gold production in the US being from large (+100,000 tons per day) open pit heap leach

operations from low grade deposits in Nevada. Large mechanized mining and low-cost leaching enabled the industry to economically exploit the large low-grade deposits that were of little interest to early miners. Exploration targets for most of the large producers are set at greater than 1 million ounces.

Previous mining technologies required only very high grade ore could be  mined in order to make a profit.  The Frisco has thousands of ounces of moderate grade ore that is now economic with current crushing and heap leach technology and can be easily excavated, crushed and processed to produce very profitable gold.

Corporate Strategy

While the team recognizes the potential of the adjacent Gold Crown and the low-grade Granite deposits, the corporate strategy is to initially focus on the profitable mining of the Gold Dome deposit. The Gold Dome is located on patented mining claims (private, fee-simple property) eliminating the need for the sometimes-difficult permitting required when on Federal lands.

The Gold Dome is a low capex, straight-forward project with an experienced management team with proven track records on similar projects in Arizona.

The Alamo is an exciting prospect, given the size and purity of the nuggets found.  The company believes that the Alamo is potentially a very high reward situation but with attendant high risks due to it being an early stage exploration play.  Consequently the company has optioned the property in order to lessen the exposure to the initial exploration costs.

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